Help make the 2018 #BlueTsunami come to DRC country!

The #BlueTsunami won’t come to New York unless we make some waves! We’ve all heard about what a good year it looks like it’s going to be for Democrats, but that’s not just going to happen by itself. It’s not going to be a weather event; it’s going to be the result of our work. Throughout upstate New York, there has been greater energy and enthusiasm on the ground since the 2016 election than most of us have seen before, but Facebook posts and protest signs won’t mean much if we don’t translate them into votes. We have to make sure Democrats in our counties turn out in November, because so many Democrats don’t bother going to the polls unless there’s a presidential race.

New York is consistently toward the bottom of the pack when it comes to voter turnout. In fact, in the last midterm election in 2014 only 34% of eligible New Yorkers cast their ballots! And we lost a lot of races we needed to win. We simply must do better in 2018!

With better Democratic turnout this year, we can help flip the House and put a crucial check on the Republicans in power who seem intent on jeopardizing everything that truly does make America great. We can elect Democrats up and down the ticket, so that New York can become “true blue” throughout the state. We can also make sure we’re creating a bench of future candidates upstate to run for higher offices in the future. But it won’t happen if we don’t turn out our voters who don’t usually show up in off years.

That’s why the DRC is proposing our Neighbor-to-Neighbor program to help you get more Democrats to the polls. It’s a simple and easy way to connect with our potential voters and show them how important their vote can be on Election Day. As the pamphlet lays out, it’s a 3-step process. Each county committee distributes the names of 10 inconsistent Democratic voters to each county committee member. Each county committee member then contacts the 10 people they’ve been assigned 3 times over the course of the campaign season, explaining the importance of their votes, answering questions, and doing everything possible to encourage them to show up at the polls in November.

Pilot programs like this have dramatically increased Democratic turnout. And each county will be able to track their results for themselves. We’d love to hear back from you after the election how the Neighbor-to-Neighbor worked in your county, but we’ll all get a sense when we hear the results on Election Night!

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