Responses to the 2018 Candidate Questionnaire

The Democratic Rural Conference of New York State sent a questionnaire to many of the state-wide Democratic candidates for office this year. The questionnaire asked, for example:

  • List your qualifications for this office including but not limited to other offices you have held, educational background, etc.
  • What contact and experiences have you had with parts of the state, other than where you currently reside, which demonstrate your recognition of the geographic, demographic and economic diversity of the state and your ability to provide leadership on behalf of all New Yorkers?
  • What issues do you believe are of most concern to voters in rural counties, and what will be your message in addressing those issues?
  • How have you expressed and demonstrated a commitment toward building our party statewide and what are your ideas for future party building, specific to rural counties?
  • In the event of a primary for the office you are seeking, will you support the winner of the Democratic primary? (This calls for a YES or NO answer only.)
  • How have you and how will you defend and further the rights of small counties to be represented in the decision making process and in governmental and political positions?

Please see the individual completed questionnaires below for the full set of questions and responses. Click on the candidate’s name in the table to see her or his response. We will post responses as we receive them.​

Candidate Name Position
Cuomo, Andrew Governor
Thomas Dinapoli Dinapoli, Thomas State Comptroller
Leecia Eve Eve, Leecia Attorney General
Kirsten Gillibrand Gillibrand, Kirsten Senator
Kathy Hochul Lieutenant Governor
Tish James James, Tish Attorney General
Sean Patrick Maloney Maloney, Sean Patrick Attorney General
Cynthia Nixon Nixon, Cynthia Governor
Zephyr Teachout Teachout, Zephyr Attorney General
Jumaane D. Williams Williams, Jumaane D. Lieutenant Governor
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