Welcome from our Chair, Irene Stein

Welcome to the Democratic Rural Conference (DRC) website.

The DRC was organized in 1996 to support upstate rural New York elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government through uniting our individual counties as a single force.

Our motto was and remains “Unity and Victory.”

We have been very successful. We have attracted statewide and national candidates to our annual conventions. We have worked with the State Committee to assist local counties. Democratic victories have become more and more frequent. It has all worked: no longer is upstate safe territory for Republicans.

First and foremost we believe in government that serves working men and women, families and communities. 2016 represents a mighty challenge We choose the President of the United States. If anyone doubts that we will be choosing between good and evil, I suggest they catch the next Republican debate!

Our job is clear: to elect a Democrat to the White House with a Democratic House and Senate to enable the passage of legislation that creates a deliberate and sane plan for national security at home and abroad; that works to sustain our environment; and that returns the United States to an economy that benefits all.

At the same time, we must gain a majority in the State Senate so that they can pass progressive legislation partnering with the Assembly in the areas of jobs, the environment, education, and all of the other needs of rural New York.

I was first elected Chair of the DRC in 2008. My goals have not changed since then: to work with the Board and the membership to strengthen our bonds with one another; to provide assistance to member counties through a speaker’s bureau, political mentoring, and better use of technology; to maintain and increase our visibility with the State committee and with our elected officials at all levels.

Our membership is composed of the dues-paying Chairs and State Committee members of our member counties. Any New York Democrat can become an Associate member by paying dues of $10.00 per year.

I remain steadfastly committed to “Unity and Victory,”

Irene W. Stein

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